Dave Wilkinson // I do remember seeing Pretty at Strange Brew, I don't remember who else played that night, maybe Substance as well. They were kind of poppy but still good.
Jason White // Named after the popular 80's breakfast cereal, Quisp was a short-lived outfit fronted by Sam Caplan with Colin Brooks, Andy Conrad and myself. We recorded a demo out at Crystal Studios in Bryant which by now had become Christian owned and enforced. Sam had expletives in a song or two and was told he couldn't sing them if the recording was coming out of Crystal. He argued with the engineer for about 30 minutes over it and said gave up, we didn't have time to do it somewhere else and we'd already tracked all the music. He did get one in under the radar though, of course.
Matthew Thompson // Quisp was a cool band. It was 3/4 of the original Numbskulz plus Sam Caplan. I remember them playing a big house party in Conway and how fun that night was. Sam and I were hanging out a lot and he asked me to write some lyrics for a song called "Hillcrest." I think he'd already had the chorus written but I was actually sitting on a Hillcrest bench when I wrote those lines. I think maybe I was stuck in a rut, which seemed to usually be conveyed onto Sam. I can remember how he'd always be so willing to let me moan and groan about one thing or another, usually about a girl (or lack thereof) and usually over 40 ounces of malt liquor and cigarettes. He wrote a song about it all and used to play it when Pretty performed...which made me feel uncomfortable but touched at the same time. Thanks for lending an ear, Sam.
Burt Taggart // I'm pretty sure that Quisp was the alter ego or early/late incarnation of another Sam Caplan fronted band called Pretty. Sam was a sort of mentor to me. Don't think he ever knew it, but I really looked up to him. He had this great radio show Adios Amerika, did a zine that was very cool, etc. And then with Quisp, he turned out these fast, short songs with lines about sitting on Hillcrest benches.
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