Big Boss Line forms
Brent Labeau, Bircho, Brett McKnight, and Brian Hirrell form Big Boss Line
Robert Borden // I remember Big Boss Line, I think. I remember thinking "Jesus fuckin christ how can he even stand up". You see he and I had just spent some time upstairs trying to get our heads straight before the show. I was really jealous that I couldn't be in that band. I thought I would have been perfect but then again nobody could have done a better job than those guys. I absolutely loved every one of their shows, even the ones that were complete clusterfucks. What was better than watching Christina heaving tomatoes at them.

I still have the t-shirt Big Boss Line on the front and 80% by volume on the back. It doesn't fit me but its so dog eared Ill probably never put it on again. I would trade it for a legalize heroin and murder. I think mines a bit older heh heh. This is a very nice time in my life, the drugs helped, I went to almost every show. I was falling for a very cool and beautiful woman and still hung out with all my friends. I even set Brett up with one of my ex,s. It turned out strangely. I have lots of ... (More)
Brian Hirrel // Well here goes. I was playing with Brett McKnight, Matt Nicholas and Jimmy Young as Laughingstock until Brett drunkenly borrowed Matt's drums without asking. No more Laughingstock. With some shows already booked in stepped Bircho and Matt Floyd. Big Boss Line born. We were getting kinda popular with the alcoholics around town (you know who are/were) until Matt punched Brett at Pizza D'Action (something about girlfriends). Matt out. Brent Smith/Labeau in. From there it just went to hell in a bucket. Drug and booze fueled epic shows, when we were at the stage of not being able to get to the stage etc. etc. Some memorable shows too. One in particular @ Vino's with BillyGoat when Vino's front two windows got bricks thru them. So hard that one of the bricks was found at the entrance to the bathrooms!!!! Bad ideas about where to record and the usual old internal strife put paid to anything long term. But for a moment, it was pretty darn enchanting. For those of you who got it, thank you. As for the headscratchers, you are probably listening to QOTSA and thinking it's brand new. Wrong!

Thanks for letting me rant.

Oh and between Christina Forbes and ... (More)
Matthew Thompson // Big Boss Line was great. I remember their shirts that read on the back, "Legalize Heroin and Murder." I can remember Brett insisting we come out and throw tomatoes at him. Their shows were intense. I remember how in-between songs, Brett would say hilarious stuff so fast and then they'd go into the next song, with Brian wailing on the guitar and Brett all over the place. This was some serious rock and roll, before Go Fast came on the scene. A funny story that Brett likes to tell is when Big Boss Line played a show out of town, where they were selling demo tapes. Before the show, Brett stashed a bag of his coke inside one of the his tapes, which accidentally got sold before he remembered to take it out. I imagine the guy who bought that tape went home, found the stash, and figured that EVERY Big Boss Line demo came with a bag of coke!
Ashley Collie // I worked the counter at Vino's in or around 1994 and I seem to remember a band that made a big impression on me that no one has mentioned, Big Boss Line. Maybe my dates are off but I remember a show at White Water Tavern that blew my mind. Brett McKnights raspy voice echoing "Bircho's head is on fire . . ." That was a great Little Rock Band I thought and no one has mentioned them. I believe the original members may have been Brett McKnight, Bircho, Scottish Brian and for some reason I want to include Brent from Mulehead. I could be wrong there were a lot of drugs between now and back then. My details are sketchy but if anyone remembers more please help fill in the gaps.
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