Brad Sims // I remember when New Wave Dave got pushed through the plate glass window facing Chester St in the front corner of DMZ. There were several of us, including Dave, standing at the door talking to Mona. One of the guys from that nights band was bringing things into through the front and Dave made some snarky remark about him or the band or something. The band guy just shoved the crap out Dave and sent him right through the window. It was like something from a comic book. That might've been the most "punk rock" thing I ever saw at DMZ.

Everyone was talking later about how Dave finally got what all the rest of us had been wanting to do to him for ages. It's funny that he was everybody's friend, but nobody could stand him.
Jason Matthews (Livingston, Montana) // Joy- "New Wave Dave" was Dave Lorrison. He transferred to North Little Rock Northeast from Ft. Smith in 1987 so, I don't think he was at this show. I hear he now lives in Memphis and is a successful chef and books shows- his new nickname is "Rockabilly Dave"
Joy Ritchey // This isn't really a story since I was in the 5th grade when this festival happened, but there used to be a guy around who would have been old enough to attend this or be involved with it. I don't know his true name, but he went by New Wave Dave. Anyone know if he was in on this or what happened to him?
Dan Bailey // The first even quasi-punk related local event I can recall after moving to Little Rock in March 1985 would've been a multi-band show at SOB's (though I'm not sure that was the place's name yet) around June or July that year. It was called something like the "New Wave Festival," and featured maybe six bands. Nearly 22 years later, I can remember only three by name -- a female-fronted outfit from (I think) Fayetteville called The Urge, a jokey group called Ellery Celery and the Vegematix (spelling approximate) and Doktors for "Bob." The crowd was pretty decently sized, if memory serves, and (as they say) a good time was had by all.
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