The Link Springs Forms
Adam - Guitar, Mandolin
Brad - Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin
Jeff - Bass
Mark - Drums
Mark Drenzek // The Linksprings formed on a chance meeting between Adam Ritchey, Brad Simms, Jeff McConnell, and Mark Drenzek. Jeff and Mark were in a band called RoadKill with a great guitartist name Jon Mentgen. We went to another bands gig at a church off of Rodney Parham and some friends (Lisa Cobb maybe) introduced Jeff and Adam and we all went to Jeff house where I already had my drums and we played from 10pm until about 1 or 2 in the morning. The first song I think we played together was “Blister in the Sun” since we all pretty much knew it already. The next day we practiced some more and started writing and the rest is history. Catherine McCrae joined at a later time through her connection with Joy Ritchey and Adam. As I remember we did some shows with her and some without due to her schedule at the time.
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