Trusty forms
James Brady, Bobby Matthews, Paul Bowling, and Bircho form Trusty in late 1988
Jason White // I remember first discovering Trusty. Andy Conrad and I drove over to Little Rock into Hillcrest to drop off our Numbskulz demo at Trusty's apartment. I don't know how we knew they lived there? They weren't home so we left it in the doorway or slipped it underneath maybe. A day or so later, we got a call at Colin Brooks' house, they wanted to meet up! We were excited to say the least. James Brady, Bircho and Davey Khoury pulled up in front of Colin's parents house. They fell out of the car belching, throwing out one-liners and pissing in the street. We eventually made it upstairs to Colin's room and traded stories and listened to their new 7", "Mr. Know It All." If it weren't for Trusty, I don't know where I'd be right now.
Cory Walker // Bobby Matthews, and certainly James Brady to an extent, had a profound effect on my performance as a banner bearer in the 1984 Cathedral School Christmas pageant. Those guys could stand there in silly outfits doing nothing for the the entire pageant like nobody's business. It's because of them that I knew to bend my knees just a little bit to avoid losing circulation.
Paul Bowling // I relish the thought of propogating the idea that Bobby and James are bearing my banners. But, alas, I must confess, that is not me in the middle. I was indeed a King one year but the year this photo was taken (2nd grade/1973) I was a trumpeter which is far cooler than a common banner bearer any day.
Graham Cobb // I will just say this (picture below): L to R - James, Paul, and Bobby are not altar boys in this shot. Paul is one of three wise men to brin g gifts of gold francensense and muir to the baby Jesus! Bobby and James were (and may still be) Paul's banner bearers.
Tim Lamb // I met Bobby in geometry class at Catholic High, 1984. I know God had special plans for many of the students there, and I think it was divine guidance that situated us next to each other. How can one think about trapezoids when the guy next to you has the Sex Pistols, Clash, The Damned, and Dead Kennedys written on his notebook?! We both almost failed, but a concerted effort to make Echo and the Bunnymen recordings for our hip new teacher, Mr. Tarver, helped us skate by! I gave Bobby rides to school as well, and the coffee stains in my car lingered for years. Back then coffee was not ubiquitous among high schoolers like it is today, and Starbucks was not in our lexicon. A misunderstood genius, who made me realize the Beatles were cool too. He also introduced me to lot of British punk and Iím forever indebted!
Tim Lamb // I first took notice of James Brady at Catholic High in 1983, most notably his annoyed sneer and black leather jacket that I heard he got in England. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore, or junior (?). He seemed to be in trouble a lot with Father Tribou, which further solidified him as one of the few punks in school! Does anybody remember him playing, with Chad Boswell, at the school talent show, the English Beat's "Save it for Later?!" It sure beat all the Van Halen covers!
Tim Lamb // Paul was always the most unlikely, and most talented, bassist Trusty could find. My greatest fear for them was that he would quit at any moment, but amazingly, he seemed to enjoy it despite not making any money, at least for a few years.
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