Hatful Day plays their first show
Jason Matthews (Livingston, Montana) // I remember their first show in Cora Crary's moms living room. I went there with Mike Sprague, New Wave Dave, and J.P. and we argued as we drove there over if it was pronounced Hateful Day, or Hatful Day. We decided it was pronounced Hateful, so we called Dave Meers- "Hateful Dave" for several months. A few years later it was changed to "Grateful Dave" as his musical influences expanded. I'll never forget Jason McClouds vocal styling and classic punk singer mannerisms. It was a great gig- for a living room.
Jason White // My first impression of Hatful Day was that they were more strange and arty and dark than any of our NLR bands, or Trusty for that matter. They stradled that line between The Cure and The Minutemen or something. They were mysterious and they had long hair. They were also the first of our "wave" of bands that put out a record. On green vinyl no less!
Cory Walker // Dude, I used to live right next door to David Burns' house on the mean streets of Pleasant Valley. I'd shoot hoops in my driveway just to listen to them practice. Hatful Day had a real influence on the development of my silky jumpshot. I remember Burns had the cool older high school rock guy thing going on - I remember his jeep plastered with Gene Loves Jezebel stickers. So of course, I was totally terrified to talk to him. A couple of years later I finally talked to him at a punk show. Sure enough, he turned out to be the most terrifying human being I have ever encountered.
TC // Hatful Day play their first show in the living room of Cora Crary during an impromptu party.
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