Il Libretina releases debut
Il Libretina releases self-titled debut on Mike Cusanelli's Zen Ark Entertainment
Mike Cusanelli Zen Ark Entertainment // Kevin Kerby kept telling me about this band that they shared a practice space with. He really championed them and dragged me to one of their shows. I was blown away when I saw il Libretina that first time and immediately began to scheme how I could release their debut.
Tre Baker // Matthew Martin and I were coming back from New Orleans one spring, listening to this record somewhere south of Grady. He was filling me in on some of the recording details and who was singing on what song, etc. At the end of one song, I asked him how Graham or Paul got their guitars to make that weird noise, and Matthew laughed, saying those sounds weren't guitars - they were from the video game at the back of The Parlor.

With il libretina's permission, I snuck two of their songs into the bumper music of the sports radio show I produce. Rush Limbaugh stole "My City Was Gone". Jim Rome took "Lust For Life". We got "Claustrophobia" and "9 AM Revival", baby.
Burt Taggart // Il Libretina close down a tattoo shop and convert it into a makeshift studio to record their Zen Ark released debut.
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