Mandrake's reborn as Vino's
Vino's holds its grand opening in September with four bands. Not only will local bands grace the space but Fugazi, Green Day, Rancid, Shelter, Living Sacrifice, and Neurosis, among others.
Suki // I had been going to shows at this location from the time that it was the DMZ. In 1990 I was graduating from high school and aquired my first real fake ID. I had owned several very poorly made fake IDs before this time, but they came from national check cashers and only worked around Barrow street for cigarettes. So, I had my first real fake ID from the DMV, and became a regular at Vino's. Mei and I lived there with occasional forrays into other music venues around town. When I actually turned 21 four years later and showed management my real ID with my real age on it, I was scowled at, but I am pretty sure they knew all along.
Jason White // Now, not only is there a regular place to play with pizza and beer to help pay the bills this time... the punks found employment! Obviously it worked.
TC // Henry Lee, a South Louisiana native, moves to LR in February 1989 and looks for a place to eat a good pizza and drink a good beer. The building formerly known as Mandrake's is reborn as the rock-n-roll pizza joint Vino's, officially opening September 1990.
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