Matthew Martin // In reference to the photo that would become the Max Recordings logo. The photo was actually akin' by me (Matthew Martin) when Shannon and I were hangin' down at Murray Park on a rather grey Fall afternoon. I had gotten a new camera, so the two of us were wondering around taking photos and playing with the green monkey (aka weed). Shannon, who always looked like a badass in his tight Levis and jean jacket (I think the same one he rocked in elementary school), jumped on the post that surrounded the kids playground and said, "yo, get a shot of me up here!" I gave him my sunglasses, he put his chin in the air as if he was an untouchable god and I took the photo. I will never forget that moment! Now that the image has come to represent so many different things I realize that Shannon was and will always be UNTOUCHABLE: as a guitarist, a son, a brother, a person, and most of all my friend!
TC // Max Recordings releases a 2-song The Big Cats 7" with "The Sun Always Finds My Way Around" and "Fayetteville Blues" in May 2001.
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