Drexel releases his first solo effort
Max Recordings releases Drexel Baker's The Bloody Transylvania Street Machine
Richard Matson // Drexel recorded this entire album on a borrowed 4-track in his Brooklyn apartment. The album is an eerie combination of songs about battle-axes and poison. Max Recordings picks up the album and Drexel comes back to Little Rock for a record release show. Jason Weinheimer, sitting in on bass manages to polish off the band's entire fifth of whiskey during the show.
Colin Brooks // I now live in the apartment where Drexel made The Bloody Transylvania Street Machine. He borrowed my 4-track to do it. It's a cool record and more people should hear it. He did more with my 4-track in 6 weeks, than I've done with it in 6 years. I still hear sounds he created resonated within the walls here where I'm sitting.
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