Ashley Collie // I have been a huge go fast fan from day one. I remember after the Shallows broke up Scott Diffee and Matt Floyd used to sit around and just jam. Then Scott started writing songs and they flowed from him. Songs about his life and the lives of his friends from his perspective. Scott Diffee's music truly came from his heart and you knew it. The difference in Go Fast and a lot of other bands was the promotion skills of Scott Diffee & the heart he put into it.When Scott Diffee said "WE'RE THE BEST GODDAMN BAND AROUND" you believed him. Whether or not you liked the band or not there was something about their persona that made you love them.

I don't know if it was the I don't give a fuck attitude or Matt's and Scott's onstage chemistry that made them great. But, they were definitely great. I remember the Battle of the Bands at Joe's Big Bamboo and how all the girls were swooning over Shannon back then. He was the mysterious one, Matt was the bad boy, Scott was the rock star and Drex was the quiet one. They had what the people wanted. I saw ... (More)
Richard Matson // Go Fast is the brainchild of Scott Difee, a former bouncer at Vino's. The band goes through many lineups, including Shannon Yarbrough, Matt Floyd, Kevin Kerby and Drexel Baker. Go Fast's speed and stage flourish combines punk rock with speed metal and creates a unique sound that proves wildly popular in Little Rock. The band wins a battle of the band contest and spends the proceeds on an elaborate stage setup including cut-out wooden flames and smoke machines. Michael Cusanelli comes on to manage the band who reach the brink of success outside Little Rock. But internal squabbles, aided by the bands' collective hard livin mentality, conspire to keep the record deals at bay.
Colin Brooks // In '94 I played with Matt Floyd in a group called the Shallows shortly after the demise of Substance. I once hurt Josh Bentley's feelings by saying Matt was my favorite bass player. Steve Kooms and I started jamming with Matt on Sunday afternoons a couple of years later. I was singing and playing guitar, and Kooms was on drums. Matt somehow knew a beer bootlegger in his neighborhood, so we could get beer on Sundays. He asked me one afternoon if I knew of this Superchunk song called 'Seed Toss'. I showed it to him and we played it all afternoon. Floyd loved that song. Probably still does...
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