The Easys debut
With band members Isaac Alexander, Robert Scott Bell III, John Crowley, Jason Weinheimer, and Charles Wyrick, The Easys release their debut 'The Secrets of Loveliness'.
Colin Brooks // Isaac accidentally hit my mother's car in the parking lot of the White Water Tavern. He was real nice and apologetic about it, but he had to meet my parents for the first time at Josh Bentley's wedding and give them his insurance information. My parents were understanding about it. Afterall, he did play great keyboards on the new Big Cats album. How could they have been upset?
Dan Johnson, The Contingencies // i love this band and i love this record. it's like pouring pure sugar straight into my head. the easys aren't always an easy fit. they aren't punks. they aren't hipsters. they aren't squares, preppies, or jocks and they rock too much for the adult contemporary set. they're just regular guys who make this incredible music. i really admire them. isaac is a great and clever songwriter and charles wyrick is a genius with a guitar.
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