Ho-Hum and Foxy Emma - Best Local Bands
TC // The Little Rock Free Press votes Ho-Hum and Foxy Emma as the best local bands. Says the Free Press, "Kevin Kerby loses his front teeth by opening other bands' beer bottles at parties and their drummer Colin Brooks referees bloody battles between singer/guitarist Lenny Bryan and his brother bassist Rod." Foxy Emma replies, "We might suck, but we're still foxy."
Dan Johnson, The Contingencies // i'm a relative newcomer to the "little rock "music scene" but i can trace the beginnings of my experience with it to three "events" that happened somewhere between '97 and '98, i think. in the summer of '97 i was living in a house with a bunch of people i knew from college (one of which would become the contingencies drummer, bryce phillips).

we kept running into this kind-of crazy guy named andy shanks who had made this cassette of fun punk songs and he kept mentioning the music being made in little rock. i fancied myself a student of music and pressed him for something i could get into. he mentioned that he really liked these two bands ho-hum and ashtray babyhead. the very next day i made the drive from conway to little rock and walked into been around records. i picked up 'sanduleak' by hohum and some record by ashtray babyhead. i remeber thinking that the hohum record was shit and that it was sad this was the best little rock had to offer. i remember liking a few songs on the ashtray babyhead cd, but not that much. i eventually got rid of both cd's. funny, really. ... (More)
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