Been Around Records celebrates 10 years
1216 S University Ave.
Dave Wilkinson // Been Around Records (I think Matt Werth had told me about the place) was a pretty good outlet for punk rock in terms of finding old punk rock vinyl from the 70s. They had a lot of new wave stuff as well as metal, but it was tough because it wasn't all that organized like ARE was, but at least you could kind of walk through the aiels and not worry about possibily breaking your neck. I remember I got my first two Generation X records there: In The Valley Of The Dolls and Kiss Me Deadly which I still have to this day.
Oxford American // On University Avenue in Little Rock there's a shop I just learned about: Been Around Records & CDs. Been Around is one of those stores where you have to move a stack of records to get to a stack of records. (Yippee!) On my last visit I raided the "World" shelf and picked up Musiques du Viet-Nam, Folk Music of Palestine, Kasongo! Modern Music of the Belgian Congo, Songs of the Watutsi, and Sasha Polinoff: Fastest Balalaika in the West--with nothing costing over five bucks. Made me wanna mambo.

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