File 13 Records is born
File 13 Records rises from the LR scene to support local bands Hatful Day, Numbskulz, Chino Horde, five-0, 12ft6, and William Martyr 17, Class of 84, among others. File 13 released the Towncraft compilation 3 years later.
Jason White // Step By Step played our first show in 1989 opening up for some Nashville band called Rednecks In Pain at DMZ. We were really nervous the whole set. I walked offstage unsure of our performance. Surely everybody thought we sucked. The first person I saw was David Burns. He gave me a File 13 sticker and asked if we wanted to have our demo available through the label. I wound up helping out a lot with the label over the next few years. I remember being blown away that we got mail from around the globe.
Burt Taggart // Created by Hatful Day members David Burns & Jason McCloud, File 13 Records's cassette-only label helps organize the burgeoning Little Rock music scene.
Graham Cobb // David Burns had money that he could use to put out records. They put out a Hatful Day demo and 7 inch and Displaced Aggression demo that they sold at the mall. You could go to Discount Records and pick up the new Fugazi, the new Trusty, the new Hatful Day, and you bought it from Paul Bowling, the bassist for Trusty, which was intimidating as hell, thinking, "I hope he thinks these records are cool". At the time it just meant that you had a record you could buy. But for us, there was no distinguishing between Hatful Day and Fugazi. they weren't on different levels.
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