Displaced Aggression plays first show
John Pugh // Displaced Aggression was the first punk group I was on a first name basis with. They used to practice in various rooms around Kuhl Brown II's house. Kuhl The III was the heir apparent to a lifetime of jazz, folk, psyche, funk, heavy rock and pornography. We all hung around because it was the closest thing to a European salon for American expatriates (think Zurich in the 20's) we could find in the Hillcrest area. Also the porn. Displaced Aggression was almost like a punk workshop in some ways. The band would practice for a couple of hours, then they would run through some Minor Threat, Misfits and Monkees covers, then they would let me play drums ("no RAP BEATS!" was the only rule) while the band took a skate break outside, then we would laugh at the Danzig home movie, then the band would play through the songs again, and so on and so forth. That was a whole Saturday. Everything I ever needed to know about punk rock (and female anatomy) I learned in Big Kuhl's attic.
Jason White // I only saw Displaced Aggression once that I can remember. It was at a church on Pleasant Valley Drive. The whole band and stage and their equipment were falling apart the entire show. It seemed like they were learning how to play their songs onstage. Theo just wanted to dig in and rock. Burt was trying to orchestrate, and Kuhl was trying to keep up while Hyatt watched. Burt had some crazy pointy red guitar. "Dingbat From Hell" is the only song I remember.
Cory Walker // If I remember correctly, I think my first ever punk rock show was an unintended "battle of the bands" featuring Displaced Aggression in the depths of Southwest Little Rock. It was at this girl Nikki's house - a queen bee hair-metallista at Horace Mann Jr. high. Her friends and family, including like 5 really big high school-aged brothers, were a pretty rugged crew. Still not sure why Nikki hosted a DA show. Maybe it was the raw intensity of the band's name. I remember everyone in the living room being really excited for the show to start. After a couple of songs, though, said friends and family vanished. Not long afterwards the opening chords of "Crazy Train" erupted from a back bedroom - played with a virtuosity Displaced Aggression had yet to achieve. Nikki's brothers had decided to have an impromptu jam session to show the punkers what real music was all about! Kick ass! Ozzy was followed by "Smoke On the Water" was followed by "Talk Dirty to Me", etc. etc. I was really torn, cuz all the cute junior high rocker girls had of course gravitated to the back bedroom. But then I realized I had another 5 ... (More)
Burt Taggart // The first show I ever played was in 7th grade as Displaced Aggression. After a couple of practices we put a 2 hour show up for silent auction at our middle school. Amazingly enough, three of the cutest girls in our class bid and won it. Totally nervous though that they'd realize how horrible we were we tried to think of everything possible to distract them from our lack of skills. We searched out strobes at Radio Shack, but realized they were too pricey. We did find a little gem of an item called a "Psycho Lite" that was in our budget. Night of the big show we realize that to get the full effect of it, we're forced to lean down every 30 seconds and give it a spin so that the hearts & spades designs will dance off the walls. All the while we've made it through our 3 song set and have started improvising Doors covers.
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