The Contingencies release debut
As The Contingencies, Bryce Phillips (drums), Jake Jones (guitar); Tre Baker (bass, vox), and Dan Johnson (guitar, vox) release their debut album Viva Ole on Max Recordings.
TC // Dead center in the album are the best examples of The Contingencies brand of bright, shimmering rock with reverb damp guitars and chorus soaked vocals. "Up In The Clouds" presents a tight guitar line that struts about the song like a hopped up folk riff shinning in all its sharp angularness. Towards the end of the song the direction shifts to a more sprawling and slightly grittier feel that alludes to how the band might come off as a live act: loose and and largely unconcerned with conventional structures, instead opting to play to the mood of the audience. "Nameless" follows offering moody vocals that drift outside of the composition buoyed on waves guitar with the treble boosted to the point of sounding like a series of shattered mirrors. "Ruthless Prix" sees them shift up to a sound reminiscent of The Bogmen circa "Closed Captioned Radio" with grit beginning to push aside the brighter tones.
Dan Johnson, The Contingencies // the release night was a big deal to us. we had lost derek the previous march while trying to finish the record and, thanks in no small part to burt taggart, it was finally going to be released. there was another huge show going on that night across town and, like the crybabies we are, were devastated that we had waited this long for some sort of anti-climax. we walked into whitewater stuck in a deep funk. and then something remarkable happened. people started to show up. and they kept showing up. the place was packed! lots of people from out of town came but it was really awesome to see so many people there. kevin kerby and the moving front opened. it was a special night for sure. it felt like home.
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