JFA and Christian Hosoi Skate Show
Rick's Armory
Matthew Thompson // I was at this event but don't remember seeing JFA. If I had a nickel for all the things I've forgotten about. I do remember the floor being so smooth, and Christian Hosoi doing eternal nose wheelies, which inspired me to nail that trick...which is about the only trick I ever try anymore when I get on my skateboard these days. I can still do them fairly well, too, surprisingly. I'd much rather have remembered JFA and forgotten about Hosoi, but I'm grateful I was there and remember ANY of it.
Lincoln Smith // I was really trying to get David Burns into the whole skate thing because for me, being into skateboarding was so fused with punk rock... you really didn't enjoy one without enjoying the other... and by this point I think David had that Dogtown Satanic Suicidal deck, the one to which EVERY major skate entity has payed some sort of homage to and if he still has it, he sould sell it because it's probably worth bank now.

Christian Hosoi was really a big deal. Probably the biggest deal to happen the the mid-southern skate scene since Paige Hern managed to to have an official NSA contest at his half-pipe with all the pros (all 20 of them) skating it. Paige had something to do with this, too. His half-pipe was this pink fiberglass, so all of his ramps and street obstacles, save for the one railroad tie, were this pink fiberglass.

The armory wasn't even open to the public and all these kids from all over were outside and a small session was underway at this loading dock across the street. I'm skating and within 10 minutes a have a large gouge of flesh dug out of my right shin by ... (More)
John Pugh // Yes this might be the first punk rock show I went to. It was technically a skate show (everyone I knew was there to see Hosoi, not Skatemaster Tate), but in Arkansas, punk means whatever you want it to mean. My most vivid memory was waiting in line outside, watching some scary-looking punks with shaved heads squeezed the skin of each others scalps together, which somehow turned the skin green. I know it sounds weird, but if you know a skinhead, go and squeeze their scalp with both hands, like you were gathering a bunch of flowers...it should turn green....fucking weird.
Jason White // We knew of JFA through skating at Paige Hearns' pink ramp in Levy, and what skater kid didn't know Christian Hosoi then? Colin Brooks and I went together. Skatemaster Tate had this huge, long skateboard that he never rode. There were punks there slamming to JFA. They were beautiful. After Christian Hosoi finished his demo, all the kids were skating like crazy and he came out later and skated with everyone. I remember watching Steve Schmidt totally show him up doing street tricks on a crosstie. Hosoi was just a big air guy anyway.
Cory Walker // I remember Graham talking about this show, and it was like he had just been to the front lines and lived to tell about it. He'd gotten an actual glimpse of this secret, supposedly dangerous society that we'd been reading about. Punk to me seemed like the most radical thing imaginable at that time. I remember going to Graham's house and checking out his older sister's copy of the Repo Man soundtrack. When Iggy Pop sang "I didn't get fucked and I didn't get kissed, I got so fucking pissed" on the title track, my 11-year old mind could barely handle it. Cursing on a record? Who would've imagined? AND it was harder than Def Leppard. So I had to have more, but secretly - being the era of the PMRC (and, uh, me being 11), my mom took it upon herself to confiscate every "questionable" cassette tape for screening. I don't think I saw my Suicidal Tendencies tape for 6 months, which was perfect - now I could claim parental oppression just like the "All I wanted was a Pepsi" guy in their anthem "Institutionalized." Fuck yeah.
Richard Matson // Pictures of Burt Taggart in 1989 are hard to come by. Yes, he was a bmx'n, skateboarding, burgeoning punk rocker, but he also had a permed mullet. But that same weird sense of style was prevalent in the LR punk scene in general and some pretty awkward styles were showcased at the JFA Rick's Armory show. JFA was a skate-punk band and they'd set up a pipe in the Armory for Christian Hosoi and Skatemaster Tate (I think).
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