Rex Mantlepiece begins recording at area radio station
Tre Baker // I got a job at this radio station during the middle 1990's. Being the low man on the totem pole, I would get paid six dollars an hour to be the warm body inside the building on weekend nights, a requirement made by the F.C.C. The station basically ran itself with Clinton conspiracists and colon cleanser ads in the wee hours, so I got to messing around in the recording studios. Back then we still had eight-tracks and reel-to-reel machines as well as a full 88-key synthesizer that composed car dealership jingles during the day. I'd pretty much just stand there all night, hitting Middle C while scrolling through all the sound effects it made.

I was still a smoker then, and one night while taking a break, this dude staggered across the front lawn of the station. There's a popular nightclub down the street, perhaps the Largest Gay Danceteria in the Mid-South, but this shadowy figure came lurching toward me from the cellphone headquarters. We shared a bottle between us, and once I told him about the studio upstairs, I couldn't get him out.

Rex Mantlepiece stayed there for six hours that night, and came back for the next twelve Saturday ... (More)
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