Hiram Ragon Experience forms August 1996
Jason White // After the first time I saw Hiram Ragon Exp., I never missed an impromptu show. They were a hell of a lot of fun to witness. This is also when I realized what an insane freak Ben Dickey was on the guitar. Holy...
Jim Hunnicutt // The Hiram Ragon Experience forms in August of 1996 with guitarist Ben Dickey, keyboardist Thomas Hankins, and drummer Jim Hunnicutt. With the intent of providing heavy soul power tunes, this trio of tight friends combined to create sounds in the same vein as Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Robert Johnson, Son House, the Isley Bros etc. but added their own original flavor into the mix with a strong R&B backbone combined with Dickey's enigmatic guitar licks. They played their first show at the Summit Street house in September of 1996.

Dickey was playing with Shake Ray Turbine before and during the same time as the Hiram Ragon Experience, and eventually moved on to Philadelphia where he continued to play with Turbine, and then formed Amen Booze Rooster and presently the Blood Feathers. Hankins and Hunnicutt eventually formed Fayetteville based Spillway in 1998 with guitarist Tootie Wylie, and Little Rock's Applescruffs further down the line in 2004.

While the members of the Hiram Ragon Experience live in seperate towns, they occasionally pull out a show when the stars align just right. The Hiram Ragon Experiences' most recent show was September of 2004 at the wedding reception of Dry Ink Magazine's Billy Inman and ... (More)
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