Communist Virgins and Schools on Fire: The Red Brigade Story
John Pugh, Lisa Cobb, and Mike Mills form Red Brigade
John Pugh // Red Brigade was the logical extension/marriage of Jet Jangua and Rat Fink A Bu Bu. The Communist theme came up because we had a Russian flag and it looked cool, (just as Jet jangua had a "Don't Tread On Me" flag). Dressing up like Commies had about as much political significance as dressing up like a bunny rabbit in the mid-90's. Musically, I was drooling all over the first four seven-inches on Dischord (Teen Idles, G.I., Youth Brigade. Sorry, not S.O.A.)and the Mummies first LP. Of course, listening to the one song that survived (from a recording session in Barry Poynter's dining room) "Fuckless", we kind of sound like 12 FT 6 on the wrong rpm. I remember one of the Ho-Hum brothers saying "Y'all sound like the Fall". I had never heard the Fall, but I pretended to know what he was talking about and took it as a compliment.
Dave Wilkinson // Red Brigade was an interesting band and I really dug how the drummer didn't have a kick drum or a hi-hat but a snare a floor tom and a ride cymbal. I saw them at State Street and I think the Belevedere as well. I remember that a fire had broken out at Central High School and when that happend John Pugh made these lyric sheets and on the cover was a person sitting there watching the firefighters put out the fire. But I remember the song "National Burn Your Fucking Schoool To The Ground Day" and thinking how cool the lyrics were. I think it rules though that there is a recording that is around and that a song is on this site.
Mike Mills // When John Pugh, Lisa Haluszka (Cobb), and I formed the Red Brigade, we were roommates at 110 South Summit Street near the Capitol. If I remember correctly, the original concept for the band's lineup included Jared Smith. He would have been the vocalist and was supposed to wear an old silver motorcycle helmet. The idea was that Jared would roll around on the floor and we'd break beer bottles over his head. I'm not exactly sure if the rest of the instrumentation had been discussed, or whether or not anything else was at all important. Sadly, sometime after we moved from the "Melrose Punx" apartments on Kavanaugh to the house on Summit Street, Jared disappeared, possibly to Philadelphia. The Red Brigade was finished before it began.

Luckily, John had a guitar and had written a handful of revolutionary songs. Lisa was getting serious about playing her bass, even though she was paralyzed with fear that all her strumming was going to leave her deformed, with one fat and one skinny arm. I had played bass and guitar in bands in California, but those positions were already filled. That was okay with me, better than okay, it was great! I'd been ... (More)
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