Encomium in LR to 'Rest'
Drew Garrison, Nicholas Taylor, Ryan Carder, and Ryan Witherspoon of the post-hardcore band Encomium debut "Let Us Cross the River and Rest Under the Shade of the Trees" at Vino's. The band breaks up later that year on April 9th.
Will Darr // I came into the scene a little later than Living Sacrifice, and was not there when Living Sacrifice formed. I first got into the scene when The Hammering Process was released, or just a little before, so around 7 years ago, or thereabout. I was 12 then. To name some bands that I really looked up to or that really influenced me is easy. Encomium was pretty influential on me, I came into the scene when they were already somewhat established, before they released their first EP. They started out very metal, but as they lost some members and changed lineups, they became more experimental hardcore, and were still really good. The first time I saw Encomium was at the Frontline, it was a church in Southwest Little Rock, in the old University Quartet theatre. They would put on shows and they started out being $2, but went up to $5 after the frst few. It was the first show there, and it was Encomium, The Last Farewell, Catharsis, and Enlow (the only non-AR band on the bill, they were from OK). That was when I was 14 or so, and that was when I first started making close friends ... (More)
Arkansas Times // The rather lengthy album title quotes some of the last reported words of Confederate Civil War Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.

The guys in the band say, "It has a very spiritual meaning and was said by a man who remained very focused and honorable in a terrible and trying time."

The CD contains six original tracks and was recorded in five days last August at Blue Chair Studio in Cabot. Mexico, Mexico from Russellville, Horizontal Orange from Kentucky and Tyler Read from Shreveport will also appear starting at 8:30 p.m.
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