Smoke Up Johnny forms
Alan Diaster, A.C. Danger, Matt Floyd, and Jon Rice form Smoke Up Johnny in October.
Tanya Floyd // Smoke Up Johnny is a bastard child that was born in my husband's garage in our 'Levy' NLR, AR backyard. The blessed event was recieved by local law enforcement as "damnable" & S.U.J. was immediately outlawed from dogtown. After a trek back across the river, 4 practice rooms, and a whole lot of bad religion later, they have made a name for themselves as one of Little Rock's most revered bands. These guys hail from the reputable 'Queen Cobra', 'Stranger Steels', 'Numb Skulls', 'Go Fast', '12 ft 6', 'Bum Fish' & 'Big Boss Line'. They bring a wealth of experience, an allegiance to waywardness, a gut wrenching angst, and aberrant musical masturbation to YOU. . . THE ONES WHO FUCKIN' MATTER!!!
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