Trusty compilation CD released
Max Recordings releases this 9-track compilation by LR favs Trusty.

Sugar Smack
Mad Religion
Passive Spy
Greatest Hits
10th & Rock
World We Live In
Paul Bowling // This is one of the few times in Trusty history where I can say, "That was my idea!" I had originally envisioned a 7" released on MAX Recordings to reflect the 7" punk rock format of the olden days. However, Bobby found a bunch of unreleased stuff and the CD project was born. Anyway, I pitched the idea to the guys when we found ourselves all together in the Mulehead/il libretina/American Princes practice space one evening over the holidays several years back. Joshua Bentley was there prattling around out in the rehearsal part of the space while we were all back in the smoking section. By the time we had, at least, decided to kick around some possible new Trusty tunes, Joshua had the whole practice room set up with guitars out, amps warming, p.a. on and even a set of drums set up left-handed for Bircho. Then, in pure Josh Bentley form, he left the space before we played a note claiming he didn't want to get in the way of the 'magic'.
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