Virginia Mahfouz // I like any band that thanks me AND the rehab I went to on the back of their 7 inch. Plus they fucking rocked.

Robert Borden // There was absolutely no problem having a B.M. I cant remember eating. We had the urinating problem covered. We discovered a hole about 4-6 inches in diameter right near the the gear shift that ,without stopping, you could politely ask the driver to turn his head and ignore the dear people behind you pushing you trying to make you urinate everywhere, relieve yourself. If you ask me it was a very handy tool, kind of like a kneeling urinal in a van full of degenerates.
Matt Markus // To call it a tour is maybe lending it a little too much credability. I think everyone thought that someone else had actually set up shows, and noone had. It was really more of a vacation, and an excuse for Burt to test out his new van.
Matthew Thompson // Six guys in a van - Robert, Jon, Burt, Matt Limo, Steve Schmidt and myself, along with all the equipment shoved in the back, makes for not much sleeping space. I remember we would trade off sleeping in "the gutter," the space between the floor and the sliding door. Limo and I would pick "snipes" out of the ashtrays at the gas stations. At a truck stop, Burt bought Mötley Crüe's, "Theater of Pain," which made for good times late night, trying to stay awake. In Eureka Springs, we played acoustic songs at the amphitheater, until we had enough money for pizza. In Chicago, we bought dime bags from the Spanish Lords on North Avenue in Wicker Park. In St. Louis, a cop poured out all of our 40 oz. beers before the show. After the show, where a lot of Little Rock people showed up, I caught a ride back with Alice, Jon and Chip, in Alice's car. It was in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where we got pulled over, shortly after Jon, in a drunken state, urinated in a cup and tried to throw it out the window only to have it blow back in and splash all over ... (More)
Burt Taggart // Another excursion in the Chino Horde van, but this time out I'd been recruited to play drums for 12'6" on a week long trek through the upper Midwest. I remember driving around Little Rock picking everyone up on this really bright Spring day, only to find out that Andy - 2nd guitarist and founding member - wouldn't be joining us. Maybe he couldn't get out of work or something. Anyways, first stop was Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Not for a show, but just because it was mildly on the way to our first real tour stop. Never-the-less, we woke up the next morning and busked enough spare change to feed us all pizza and tap water. Some other memories from that trip...staying in the basement of a co-op in Chicago and Robert Borden doing some perverse things to a life-size poster of Guy from Fugazi, pilfering through a Bass Pro Shop in St. Louis, and finally landing back home [!] to a receptive crowd at the Riverfront Amphitheater.
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