Shatner forms
Colin Brooks, Jason White, Jeff Jackson, and James Brady form the project band Shatner
Dave Wilkinson // I remember hearing Shatner when Jake Jackson's brother Jeff gave us a ride home from Skating all day. And Justin and I were sitting in the back seat of Jeff's Honda Accord and he was playing a demo tape of Shatner (only after I asked Justin who it was). I thought they had awesome bass lines in their songs. Bass lines in songs for Justin and I were kind of a thing for us. That was because some of the music I listened to before--you couldn't really hear the bass guitar.
James Brady // Fuckin' ruled! Late 1991, recorded our awesome 8 song record at Trimble/Gamble studios and never paid for it. To be fair that was me not the other guys. I knew I was moving to DC plus that studio had fucked Trusty on some awful production that we paid what seemed like an exorbitant amount at the
time (though it was probably like $35 an hour). Still, Colin Brooks made a CD of the last remaining cassette tape of the session and it's pretty good. and fast. Plus we had awesome T-shirts.
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