Rob-O starts The Annex
3330 Fair Park (NW Corner of Fair Park & Asher)
Dan Bailey // I remember talking with Rob-O outside The Annex (seems to me he not only put on shows there but lived there as well, though I could be wrong) one afternoon and hearing him speculate about the possibility of bringing the Angry Samoans to town for a show. Too bad it never happened -- their lead singer, Metal Mike Saunders, was a Hall grad, after all, and at least as of a few years ago his mother still lived a couple of blocks from Reservoir Park. I don't know if Rob-O knew about Metal Mike's local background (I doubt that I did myself at the time), but he was struck by the fact that Mike was wearing a Hog hat (& maybe shirt) on the "Yesterday Started Tomorrow" EP cover.

I made it to only a couple of shows at the place -- Impulse Manslaughter & Shell Shock on 5/23/87 & Dissent & Face First on 7/15/87 (the dates appear on the tapes I made of the gigs). If memory serves, the Meat Puppets show coincided with my 10th-year high school reunion (yes, I am old) down in Stamps, so I missed that one. At least they came back five ... (More)
John Mark Boling // It must have been around this time that I discovered the Rob-O Show on public access.

my brother: "what're you watching?"
me: "some guy wearing a football helmet with antlers on it."
brother: "..."
me: "and strobe lights and smoke machines and heavy echo."
brother: "why?"
me: "something might happen."
brother: "how long have you been watching this?"
me: "hour or so."
brother: "has anything happened?"
me: "not really."
brother: "so can i change it?"
me: "no...something might happen."
Tim Lamb // The Annex! I'm not sure how the city ever allowed this place to operate! There were some wild early hardcore shows here. I distinctly remember the Meat Puppets playing, (or was it the Meatmen, or both?) and it was a hot summer night with heavy rain. The ceiling was leaking profusely so moshing on the concrete floor was treacherous and remember hitting the floor hard once and after that I became one of the spectators observing the fray from the sides -- a great show though! A lot of bands played here during its short life. A whacky guy named Rob-O ran it.
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