Acoustic show at Allsopp Park
The scene of the punk and skater vs. the jocks fight a year earlier, Allsopp also is the home to music and celebration
John Pugh // We were all proud to be punks (especially Arkansas punks), but each of us manifested that pride in different ways. Punk didn't mean just one type of dress or behavior or music. It just meant freedom to fuck around with what it means to be punk. This was a very Arkansas-styled anti-punk show in the best sense of the word. The "skinhead scare" of the previous summer had created a kind of city-wide quarantine. Everyone just hibernated and tried not to get beat up or arrested. But come spring we were feeling our oats again, and The Spot experienced a benevolent revival. Now, instead of a bunch of surly delinquents drinking forties and popping no-doze, we were a smiling gathering of young people playing acoustic guitars (while drinking forties and popping mushrooms). Soon after, we started having heated adult four-square games at the Spot late late at night, just to keep the cops confused. See, that wasn't so hard.
Dave Wilkinson // I remember being at one of those accoustic shows at the benches. They were fun and the bands that performed that night that stick out was Otherwise and 5-0 I remember Chris was playing bongos and they did their one big hit before they recorded their demo-"Runaway." I also still remember hearing 5-0 do "Cut Me Down" as well. I think Chino Horde played as well and they did some classic rock covers as well. Who ever knew that would be the prelude to the fight at Allsopp Park (which thankfully I was not at).
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