Mexico, Mexico tours
Aaron Cook, JT Tayler, Justen Roberts, and Mitch Vanhoose of Russellville band Mexico, Mexico tour California across the Midwest to the East Coast. The band ends later that year.
Adamk Bartlett // I spent my junior year of college listening to Aaron Cook practicing his Mexico, Mexico hooks from the vantage point of the room above his apartment at Arkansas Tech. What wild times...
Will Darr // Another band that influenced me was Mexico Mexico, they very recently broke up, but they were another band that started out really hardcore and became a lot more experimental as they went on. They were very good compositionally and put on a good live show, too. I remember the first time I saw them was at some small foursquare Baptist church in Benton, and they and Encomium were playing together. I actually played with Encomium that night, I played djembe. I was at their show the night before and we were talking before hand and I had my drum in the car so I went and got it and we played. I doubt anybody could hear my drums, but it was incredibly fun. Trying to be heard over 2 drumsets, 2 guitars, a bass and vocals like Drew's with a hand drum was absurd, I ended up not being able to bend my fingers by the end of the set because of how swollen my hands were. Anyway, Encomium played a great set, it was more fun onstage, definitely. And then afterwards we danced to Mexico Mexico, which was awesome, because the best part of a pit is when it ... (More)
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