TC // Following the path of LR-alums Burt Taggart, John Housley, Colin Brooks, among others, Drexel Baker leaves LR for the concrete and glass of New York.
Colin Brooks // John Housley and I were in Substance and G together, and later we were roommates in Brooklyn, New York. We recorded in our apartment a lot together on my 4-track (the same one that Drexel Baker made good use of) and 24 oz. cans of Budweiser were often involved. We decided to cut some loud drums and electric guitar at our friends rehearsal space on a Saturday afternoon in August. After trekking in from Brooklyn to Manhattan, a few yards out of the subway station, Housley begins to vomit (we'd had a few the night before) all over the sidewalk in front of everybody passing by. I was getting pretty worried, but when he was finished, we bought a couple of Vitamin Waters and a couple of Budweisers, and made our recordings in the space. We did almost all of the songs first take. It was an interesting summer afternoon ...
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