Ben Dickey starts Amen Booze Rooster
Ben Dickey, Jeb Bell, and Terry Yerves start Amen Booze Rooster
Clay Simmons // Terry, the drummer, worked at a studio in Philly, so they could record almost whenever they wanted. Ben always sent me copies of what they were working on. One time, I got a slug of about 4 songs and one of them was called "First Ones" or something like that. I've always been a huge fan of Ben's songwriting and lyrics. He's great at subtly critiquing little scene hypocrisies and inconsistencies the same way Donald Fagan was able to deliver lyrical jabs to the music business. Anyway, "First Ones" resonated because it sort of empowered the way I felt about our friends' role in the landscape of popular indie music. The chorus was something like "We were the first ones here, and this was all our idea." Pretty presumptuous, but fun to sing out loud in your car when you're by yourself. Too bad that song was probably never released.
Richard Matson // Little Rock native Ben Dickey moved up to Philadelphia in 1998 and started Amen Booze Rooster a few years later. The music is a weird combo of jangly tom petty and some distinctly Arkansan swamprat delta blues. In 2004 I really loved Amen Booze Rooster and jumped at the chance to manage them when they moved to New York City. I proved probably one of the worst managers ever, not able to book them a single show (though I came really close with a soul food joint in Brooklyn). After a few months, the band quietly moved back to Philly and I was relinquished of my duties.
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