Chinese Girls forms
Sam Murphy and Andrew Morgan form Chinese Girls at a 1999 Halloween party. Punk Planet would later describe their music as "Nice, dreamy, poppy and full of guitar fuzz."
Clay Simmons // Probably my favorite band to ever come out of Little Rock. They were fucking awesome. Since I was living in Fayetteville during most of the time they were active, I never got tired of seeing them. Apparently, they played a show every two minutes somewhere in Little Rock, but I could never see them enough. Around the holidays of 2003, Andrew, Sam, Chris Wilson, and I formed a band called the New South Whales to play one show at Whitewater Tavern. I think we got together about three originals, a reworked version of a Chinese Girls song, and a cover of TV Eye by the Stooges. That was probably the most fun I'd had playing music in a long, long time.
Dan Johnson, The Contingencies // the third, and probably most important, of these events was when jake and i drove the ten blocks or so blocks from uca to hendrix to see sean na na. the holy childhood opened (with chris wilson on drums). but there was this other band that played first called chinese girls. jake recognized one of them as andrew morgan ("he writes for the paper"). i remember both of us really liked it. it was a little loose (we didn't mind), kind of artsy, and drawn out a bit, but it had a lot of elements we liked. in my mind, they certainly better than sean na na. we tried to buy a cd or 7" inch from them but they said they didn't have any. this turned out to be chinese girls' very first show. a few years later, as the contingencies were in their infancy trying to figure out how to get a gig in little rock, i went to this nasty little bar on markham called pizza d for the first time with some friends. this lanky sort of jarvis cocker looking guy walked in and after a second or two i realized it was that guy from ... (More)
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