Shake Ray Turbine debut
Shake Ray Turbine, formed in the summer of 1995 with members Ben Dickey, Clay Simmons, Dustin Clark, and Chris Wilson, releases 'The Sauce of Solution' on File 13 Records.
Dave Wilkinson // I will definitely agree with Colin that Shake Ray Turbine were amazing. Live and on record. They were loud as hell and Chris Wilson was a madman on the drums. It was kind of technical but it ROCKED! With that said, I remember having both the 7inch split records and Ryan Seaton (Rainy Day Regatta) playing me some of the stuff on the debut before it came out. The build ups and song structures on that record are amazing. Both Ben and Clay had really unique vocals. The best gig I remember though is when Shake Ray played Vino's and I think they were opening for Braid and they were all wearing thrift store suits...I thought it ruled. I do have pictures from that so I will submit those when I can.
Colin Brooks // Shake Ray Turbine were amazing. Steve Kooms and I used to go see them every time we could. During their gigs we'd be shaking our heads at each other, and secretly admitting to ourselves that we were old and in the way. Their math rock and rockiness blew us away. Dustin always had this grin on his face that said "cop this". Ben and Clay's guitar playing was just insane, and Chris Wilson was and is still a favorite drummer of mine.
Dan Johnson, The Contingencies // later, bryce, jake jones (now guitarist for the contingencies) and i went to see braid at vino's. we had been fans for a couple years or so and were excited that they were in town. shake ray turbine opened and we were really impressed at how good they were - really tight math and muscle. i think jake and i each bought a copy of 'the sauce of solution'. we walked away saying, "at least there's one good band in little rock. a few months later spin magazine, i think, reviewed 'the sauce of solution' and didn't like it very much. it said something a long the lines of "if this is what passes for music in arkansas..." i remember thinking how harsh and inaccurate the review was. the whole episode warmed me up a little to the scene (you know, pulling for the underdog/hometown-favorite kind of thing).
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