Food Chain Records forms
Nate Powell and Mike Lierly of Soophie Nun Squad expand Food Chain Productions when their band, Soophie Nun Squad, releases its demo tape on Food Chain Records.
Nate Powell // Eli and I handled Food Chain Records together for the first year or so, as it mostly consisted of dubbing lots of low-quality tapes. After the failed Kudita tape in 1992, we tried to release Soophie Nun Squad's first demo tape in August 1993, alternately titled "Flibbety-Flobbin" (Dustin's title) and "Mary Popping's Droppings" (Mike's title). Soophie recorded the demo on Joe Cole's 4-track, but I was unfortunately grounded and couldn't make it to the session. Actually, I was grounded because I was late coming home from SNS's third show ever with Carbondale and Otherwise at the Amphitheatre; they were concerned about punk's influence on me and gave me an ultimatum: be grounded and miss the recording session, or go ride jet-skis on Lake Ouachita with Nathan Wilson and miss the recording session. Bummer.

The first successful Food Chain release was Soophie's "We Ate Slayer", a 16-song demo recorded live to a jambox in the Lierly attic. It included a cover of LR straight-edge band Entrance's "Diehard" with Alan playing guitar. We sold about 50 copies of it before moving on to our preferred demo tape, "We Rule The World". Mikael Wood and I zipped over to the infamous Rice Street ... (More)
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