Dave Wilkinson // Strange Brew was a cool place to go to. I remember it was a small place and I remember seeing a few different shows there. The ones that stick out to me was when I saw Avail play there (before they got big) with Otherwise (William Martyr 17) and I believe it was either William Martyr's second or third show there. I remember Matt Werth doing a song called "Are You My Mother" and reading from that book as he was doing the song. That night was pretty packed too (or it seemed because of how small the place was) and I remember watching Avail through the little window. The second show was with 8 Bark and Jetjangua and I do think I remember John Pugh talking to the crowd in a British accent the whole time. I also remember that Strangebrew was next to Kinko's and some of the sXers would make sXe stickers. I don't remember who was playing, but when the sXers were handing out straight edge stickers with the X's on them I remember Robert Borden put one on a 40 ounce of beer he was drinking. And one of the straight edgers asked him to ... (More)
Jason White // Some of best local Chino Horde shows were played here. Antioch Arrow from San Diego played a great show here too. I remember watching Jet Jangua play here after John Pugh and I had stayed up all night drinking coffee and speaking with British accents.
Matthew Thompson // Strange Brew was such a cool place that was run by some good people. I remember asking the guy who owned the place if I could get in for free by sweeping up after the shows. He was happy to do that for me and I even got free coffee! I felt so good about that and I don't think I ever told him how much it meant to me. I felt a part of something and took pride in sweeping and cleaning up after the shows. It had a great feel to it, being downtown and all. Kids, including myself, would be skating in the street and hanging out on the sidewalk, just having a good time with friends. The shows really brought us all together to create something and have a safe, fun and inspiring time with one another. The best show I've ever seen Chino Horde put on was in that space. It was short-lived but a lot of great bands played at Strange Brew.
Burt Taggart // I was hired there as a waiter/coffee slinger while a senior in high school. The owner knew from all of the kids coming in that there were alot of bands playing punk rock down at the river on weekends. After that, he started letting me book shows on weekends there. I remember the door guy was this really cool, faded hippy named Randy or Rusty.
Sam Caplan // "next to Kinko's on Louisiana" Strange Brew coffeehouse was the first coffeehouse in Little Rock, and flourished briefly during the first Clinton presidential campaign. The business hosted a few punk shows before its untimely demise.
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