Dave Wilkinson // I remember when Soophie Nun Squad was known as The Schwa Sound. I knew the Lierly Brothers from skating together in various parts of NLR which is where I grew up. I also met Nate and Eli was well and we knew a lot of the same people and we became friends. Mark, Mike and I skated together a lot and they lived pretty much in the same neighborhood I did which was Overbrook. I remember talking about music and skating and what bands we liked and Mark had a set of drums and Mike had a guitar which I remember we did jam but nothing really came out of it, but it was fun. In fall of 92 I entered NLR High (from Walnut Valley Christian Academy this was basically my first time being back in the public school circuit since Amboy Elementary to WVCA from 2nd to 8th grade). I didn't really know anyone there expect a very few people who lived in the neighborhood. It was there I ran into Nate, Eli and Mike and then the rest of the people in the circle I also met and became really good friends with. I remember in my ... (More)
Nate Powell // In autumn 1992, Mike Lierly and his younger brother Mark (who had just entered sixth grade at the time), Eli, and I began playing music together. Together at different times, at least. Let's see, the chronology goes like this...

In summer '92 Mike and Dustin were in a band called Kudita that alllllmost played a show. In its wake, the two formed a band (also with Bill Brookshire of Kudita, and Jay Hardin) called Mysterious Cows--self-dubbed "disco punk"--that played two shows in the late summer, both birthday parties, by Mike's account. Around that time, Mike, Mark, Brandin Johnston (Andy Conrad's younger cousin, as he was sure to let us know), and I formed Waterfoul, who managed to do some recording. Sure, Mike played a hand-me-down acoustic guitar and Mark drummed on empty Transformers packaging, but it really happened. Simultaneously, Mike and I joined forces with mulletted Levy skater and math wizard Eli Monster to form Phloodlight (sorry about that "ph"). Around October '92, the two bands merged to form The Schwa Sound.

I remember writing several dozen songs together in these incarnations, but the amazing thing is that none of us had any instruments (besides those mentioned) until Christmas 1992. Strangely, I'm ... (More)
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