Leawood bottle rocket war
Matthew Thompson // I can remember running from behind a dumpster, down the alley with a kamikaze scream, just knowing a was going to be pelted by a dozen or so bottle rockets. Somehow I made it out unscathed. Every year it got worse, though. More kids, bigger weapons. The new breed of skaters were ruthless, I'm sure by the time I left Little Rock in '95, they were bringing rocket launchers and M-16s to the "bottle rocket" wars down at the wharf.
Cory Walker // This was so much fun. I learned how to time my throw so the bottle rockets would shoot down at just the right angle to zap people taking shelter behind trash cans and other debris. Hopefully the closest thing to the Gaza Strip I'll ever see.
Jason White // Best bottle rocket war I've ever been in. I remember it being down by Cajun's Wharf too, in the alleyway. John Pugh lifted the back of my shirt up and sent a bottle rocket screaming up my back. Burt was ruthless... no regard for safety of any kind.
Burt Taggart // Leawood? I only remember the one that happened in the warehouse district down by Cajun's Wharf. Absolutely insane though. Earlier in the night we'd divided into gangs. I remember because I was in the Cobras. Next thing I know there's 50 of us on separate ends of this alley and we're all staged behind cars & dumpsters with bottle rockets going off like mad.
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