Kelly Brant // John Housley and I dated for several years in 1990's and moved to NYC together in 1994. I remember Tre Baker called me the Yoko Ono of Substance.
Matthew Thompson // Brian Kozlovsky and I used to refer to Colin as "The Machine" because he was so flawless and precise.

I remember a Substance show at Vino's where Shoban was running late because he was still at work. He finally showed up and performed in his Burger King attire.
Dave Wilkinson // I met Colin and the rest of the guys in Substance through Justin. And he played me a tape of the first demo (the one with the railroad tracks on the cover) which I later bought as well as the second demo that had songs from the first as well as newer songs. I remember before I saw them play with Fishwagon and 8 Bark, how I was blown away that people I met and knew were playing shows and recording. I was blown away by Colin's energy and by how hard he hit the drums. Justin and I used to skate and hang out a lot, and once in a while when we were tired or bored from skating we would watch Substance practice in the basement of his parent''s house. I also remember whenever I came by Justin and Colin's house, you could hear and feel Colin playing drums. Despite the fact there were egg crates lining the celings and walls of the basement you could still feel the vibrations from Colin's drumming. I remember when they were working on the song "Stringfellow" and just being blown away at the riffs and hooks in that song.
Dave Wilkinson // I got into the punk scene through Justin Brooks (Colin Brooks' younger brother). Justin and I used to hang out and skate together all the time. We went to see Colin play with Substance and I remember the show was at River Front Park under the blue tent. The line up of that evening was a band called Second Thought (I don't know much about them if anyone knows it would be cool to know who was in that) Fishwagon, Substance and 8 Bark. That was the first show I ever went to and I also bought my first punk 7 inch from that show as well. That definitely changed my life.
Brian Wasson // I was so popular SUBSTANCE and Jim Thompson came to my 18th birthday party.
Colin Brooks // I lived in Memphis as a kid for 5 years before moving back to Little Rock. I'm glad that I didn't grow up there. The Numbskulz 4th or 5th show was at the Antenna Club there, and various other bands I was in played there frequently. It was a totally different scene from Little Rock. It didn't seem like a scene at all. It was more like straight edgers and drunks being thrown together because loud music was being played. The only band from there we made friends with was PEZ. Marv and Nic from that band did TRUANT fanzine, and put the out the Bomb Pop flexi disc. They were nice dudes. Fletcher Clements booked shows at the Antenna, and for some reason, he liked the Numbskulz and Substance. Substance's second show was opening for Social Distortion at Antenna. We also got to play with Fugazi at the Omni New Daisy a couple of years later. I also went to see quite a few shows in Memphis. Naked Raygun is the one I remember the most. They were awesome, but I never really felt comfortable at shows there. There were a lot of seemingly violent Sid Vicious types in ... (More)
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