Jason White // I remember trying to come up with a name after we had a few songs together and were ready to start playing shows. I think it was Mark who wanted to call it "Out Of Step" after the Minor Threat record. I refused. There were other names passed around that I wish I remembered. Anyhow we compromised and wound up with Step By Step. A year later New Kids On The Block would put out an album called "Step By Step." Needless to say, we were fizzling out anyway and this was the nail in the coffin. All these guys were fabulous musicians. They just needed some idiot that couldn't sing who didn't mind making a fool of himself to become a band. I was more than happy to oblige.
Matthew Thompson // Step By Step is another band that played a big part in my high school days. I was going to Northeast High but I was bussed over to Ole Main for a drafting class I had in the morning. I'd always see Steve Kooms, Josh Bentley, and Marcus Lowe in the halls. We identified with each other through skateboarding and music. There weren't but a handful of skaters and kids into punk so we took any opportunity to hang out. Jason White was also going to Northeast, we had Journalism together. I used to go watch Step By Step practice over at Steve's house down in Levy. They practiced in what was dubbed "The Candy Shack," a little storage room in the back of Steve's parent's house. They would practice their songs and even sometimes do a rendition of Beastie Boys' "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn." Their songs, like Numbskulz, were also about parents, school and friendships. They had some goofy songs, too, like "P.E. Slick" and a cover of Green Acres. Before hooking up with Jason that year, I would eat lunch with the jock kids and try my best to fit in. One day, I was just done with ... (More)
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