Chino Horde tours summer 1993
Matt Limo // That was a funny summer. It seems like after those guys decided to go out west a lot of other people decided that they would too. Once one car would fill up, someone else with a car decided thay were going. My car was me Misty Hollis, Tracy Tatum, and Lisa Haluzka. Jared Smith got picked up in L.R. by some folks from Eureka, Ca., Jim Thompson, Mitchel Powers, and Cora Crary were in another car, and I think there was one more as well as the Chino van. We all went out of our way to see Chino Horde play at least twice on our seperate trips. I saw them in Flagstaff, and Euraka, and I think Missouri.

The Eureka show was rediculous. There were like 20 people from L.R. there all super amped to be in a shitty little mill town, 3000 miles from home, watching a band that we saw every week back home. For what ever reason, Eureka was or Everest that summer, and we made it.
Sam Murphy // In the summer of 1993 I was working at my dad's architecture firm in Downtown Little Rock after spending the mornings at a Driver's Education Class, where I met Lee Buford, someone I would start playing music with very soon. During a lunch break I happened to notice a flyer on a telephone pole advertising a show happening at the Strange Brew coffeehouse on Louisiana Street. Chalk. Current. Chino Horde. All C's.

A few days later a friend in driver's ed asked me if I wanted to go to a punk show. I had no idea that there were punk shows in Little Rock, but music magazines kept telling me that the Husker Du tapes I was listening to were considered punk so I went. The group of people milling around the cafe in the twilight was unlike anything I'd ever seen before in Little Rock and I was entranced. I felt kind of dorky with my long hair and jeans. The bands started and the crowd started as well. I was shoved around quite a bit and was startled by the volume, but unltimately I couldn't believe the amount of energy pouring out of the band and resurging through the ... (More)
Jason White // My first real tour experience. Six weeks circling the states in our van, ol' Blue. It was a stick-shift with a hole in the floor near the gears that if you rolled up the windows, you could piss through down to the ground, and a lead pipe for a gearshift. Burt and I would punch each other in the arm as hard as we could back and forth to stay awake during long drives. Towards the end of the tour, the van got stuck in second gear while driving outside of D.C. on a Saturday night. Nothing open... the next day either. Our next destination was Knoxville where David Burns lived, so we just drove the whole 30 plus hours in second. About 30-35 mph the whole way. The game came in handy that night.
Burt Taggart // I remember that one minute we were in the parking lot of the Circle K store in Hillcrest filling up before we left town and then the next, I've backed up into a Lexus and we're waiting for the cops to arrive. Talk about auspicious starts.
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