Nate Powell // North Little Rock powerhouse Tem Eyos Ki worked out frigid practices just after Christmas, 1998, in the attic above TNT Barbecue, "Sherwood's Only Skyscraper". They would play their first show in August 1999 with Mike Lierly and Eli Monster on guitar, Maralie Armstrong-Milholland on vocals, Jay Lytle on bass, and Kevin Rains (formerly of northside bands 613 Mob, Seperated Girl, and 84 Guilty Adults) on a preposterous drum set with 6 toms.

The band, besides their blazing speed metal riffs and operatic Bruce Dickinsonesque wails, also symbolized a refreshed cooperative approach between the local punk and metal scenes, and a bold blend of pressing political and personal lyrical content. Tem Eyos Ki is my all-time favorite band.
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