The Raudive Voices forms
Brooks: Drums/vocals/attitude
Jason "Chocolate" Heath: Vocals/guitar/style
Jeff: Guitar/vocals/class
Jeremy: Keys/shakers/vocals/buddha
Justin: Bass/drama
Burt Taggart // I remember the Raudive Voices show from Klinkers. Pretty sure The Results were on this bill as well [not sure if Steve went sans shirt or not]. Anyways, what struck me about them was a very Guided By Voices thing going on. Which makes it funny now looking at these practice space photos and seeing that Oasis poster in the background. In Watch Me Jumpstart, Pollard says something about singing in a British accent to keep from sounding like a hick. Whatever the case, I was a fan of the Raudive and now of an altogether different incarnate, The Munks.
Jason Heath // How I found my way into the Little Rock music scene.

I had moved from Little Rock when I was 12 to Conway and missed the pleasure of seeing all the great bands that Little Rock has had over the years, but a few years later things changed. In the Fall of 1998 I was attending school at UCA in Conway. About half-way through the semester I started chatting music with my Comp II teacher, Jason Weinheimer. He told me he had a band and invited me out to see the Boondogs play at Juanita's. So I came "home" to Little Rock not hearing one note of the Boondogs music. Well, the show that night happened to be Go Fast, Mulehead and the Boondogs. Needless to say I was hooked to all three bands and remembered how much I loved living here in Little Rock.

By Spring of 1999 I was back in Little Rock playing my guitar a little and working my job at US Pizza, where I had the pleasure of working with Lenny Bryan of Ho-Hum. Lenny was a great inspiration for me. He burned me CD's, turn me on to other local bands, and even gave me ... (More)
Ashley Collie // My old man, Jason "Chocolate" Heath, was the singer in this band called the Raudive Voices in 2000 and they had a very tragic show at Whitewater that some of you may recall. Picture this . . . It's a typical Tuesday Night at Whitewater, too many bands playing too long. The drummer for the Raudive Voices apparently had too many cheap PBR's and decided to pull the plug on the band before them because he thought they had played long enough. That band happened to be the up and coming local band the American Princes. Needless to say the show took a very ugly turn and an entire band happened to pay for the actions of one person. There were beers flyin' from left to right, fights breakin' out and people getting thrown out of Whitewater. It was also my Birthday so what a treat. At the time I wasn't dating the lead singer so it was kind of funny. Seeing the way it all went down and brought about the end of a band was sad, but we all know bands in this town come and go. It doesn't take them long to pop up in another band.
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