John Pugh // These cats were deep. They played these secret shows (all which I missed due to Governor's School), made these homemade cassette tapes, built an empire out of NOTHINGNESS. Then the walls start melting.
Dave Wilkinson // I can't say I ever had a bad time with Iodine. I recall that they played quiet a bit on Adios Amerika (or maybe when the show became the Big Rip-Off). I still have their demo and they were an interesting band but unfortunately I never saw them live. I wish I knew more about them though.
Jason White // I was hired to play a live show with Iodine later on in 1998. Talk about taskmasters! Man! But, I guess that's what you're willing to take to work with that kind of genius.
Matthew Thompson // I've never had a bad time with Iodine, whether it's down in Alsopp Park or up in Big Kuhl's attic.
Burt Taggart // Iodine? Don't know them. Um, well earlier in the day we'd thrown a lit US flag out onto the promenade and then peeled it back to KT's house. In retrospect, there wasn't much of an audience for that, so we decided to return that night and suprise all the kids hanging around. Even with our limited equipment it was a logistical nightmare. We had to park clear on the other side of Allsop and hike through this trail in complete darkness. Of course we'd obscured our own appearances with masks and make-up just in case we were spied.
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