Trusty releases Fourth Wise Man
Colin Brooks // I, like a lot of people in Little Rock, was sad TRUSTY took off for Washington DC. By that time I was pretty close with all of the guys in the band. I even went to visit them there. James, Bobby, and Brad Long, their new bass player had an awesome group house. I stayed for about a week, and my parting gift from them was a tape of some of the songs they were working on, which would become "Goodbye Dr. Fate" When I later got word that it was going to come out on Dischord, I was a bit shocked. I was also excited for the band. When the record was issued, I listened to it endlessly. I was at my parents house one day when a call came from James saying that their drummer Jim had caught pneumonia on tour, and could I fly out to El Paso to fill in. I was on a plane 2 days later. We practiced once when I got in and played a show that night. I didn't really have to learn anything, but the newer songs they were playing that were going to be on the "Fourth Wise Man" album. ... (More)
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