The Big Cats record sophomore effort
Eric Chen // Jeremy, Micah, and I culled through thousands upon thousands of hours of footage in search of the most embarrassing and humiliating Big Cats moments. But this is all we came up with. For, alas, the Big Cats are indeed badass rockstars.
TC // On break from their more lauded day jobs (Green Day, The Stills, Dan Zanes) The Big Cats scratched away enough time in late 2005 and through the course of 2006 to finally make a proper album, a follow-up to 2003's Worrisome Blues. With eleven acoustic demos, the band holed up in a Sunday school room in downtown LR. The songs strike with honesty, bombast and skill.
Burt Taggart // When we reconvened this Spring to record another set of songs for our new album, On Tomorrow, we decided to invite our filmmaker friend, Eric Chen along for the ride. He did a convincing job of acting interested as we went through take after take of the song "Little Windows" (a song inspired by, of all things, an ultrasound). Anyways, somehow along the way, he also captured some of our less "cool" moments (basketball scenes, dorky shorts, etc). Even still, here it is for you to check out.
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