Mike Lierly appears on Jerry Springer
Nate Powell // In February 1998, Mike Lierly and Cortney Langford appear on the legendary talk show circus. The two allege to have been a couple for five years, but Mike has a secret to reveal to Cortney: that he's secretly worn sexy women's lingerie since age 9, and he's not ashamed! Mike goes on to propose to Cortney, but the following scene of her beating him senseless was too fake to make it into the final cut of the show. Mike does, however, almost REALLY get his ass kicked by another person on the show, as he assumes that everyone is game for a little taunting.

Eli, Maralie, and Ryan Seaton all drove to Chicago from Kansas City to shack up in a Jerry Springer-paid hotel suite with Mike and Cortney; they ingested sickly amounts of hotel food on a limitless "Jerry Bucks" account. During Mike's employment at Baskin-Robbins in summer 1998, he is recognized by customers roughly once a week from his appearance on the show.
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