Generation of Vipers and The Big Cats Greek Amphitheater show
Richard Matson // I was on this trip to photograph the Big Cats at the show. They were in a phase of experimenting with mascara and wanted it documented I guess. The day before, I had swindled Clayton Smith out of his 76 MGB and Cats guitarist Shannon Yarborough and I were really excited for the 4 hour drive to Fayetteville. The rest of the Cats pulled out of Colin's driveway in the Dodge and Shannon and I hopped in the mig. I have a life-long curse of bad luck with mechanical objects so, of course, the car wouldn't start. Colin's dad patiently hopped in and we pushed him down the hill to pop the clutch. I think it was the first time I'd met Mr. Brooks and, to this day, I'm always embarrassed to talk to him.

It was probably a 100 degree day, but Shannon and I decided that taking our shirts off would add to the On the Road quality of the trip. We dutifully buckled up, cranked the stereo and hit the road. It's a pretty straight shot to Fayetteville, but we managed to get lost for a while anyway and showed up right before the show. I remember peeling ... (More)
Burt Taggart // I remember this one for a few different reasons. Seems like it was the first show that The Big Cats had played since Shannon joined the band. We drove up to Fayetteville in Colin's grey Dodge Caravan, pulled up behind this mid-sized amphitheater sometime midmorning and took swigs out of a flask before playing to a crowd of about 50. The real treat came later though with our friends in Generation Of Vipers. Loud as all get out, I remember standing to the side of the stage near Matt Marcus' amp and just being blown away by the sheer force of the sound. Their half stacks sounded great though out in the open air like that. Funny thing was they'd tote them to the house party shows too & that howitzer sound would literally shake the walls.
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