'The Buzzsaw Hour' hits airwaves on KABF
Terry Wright // I'm Terry Wright -- better known as Claymore Mine. I ran the Buzzsaw Hour on KABF radio from 1984 to 1986.

I worked at Discount Records in Little Rock from 1983 to 1986. A friend and fellow worker, Clyde Phillips, told me about a new independent radio station starting up -- free of commercials and corporate playlists. He already attended the first organizational meeting and asked me if I'd like to partner with him on a show. He called his show Little Rock and Reggae. It did feature some reggae, but it was primarily a progressive, alternative rock show. I signed on.

We had a Thursday night slot from 8-10 and were followed by a one hour comedy show. But the comedy show deejay usually didn't show up, so we had to fill the extra hour. As almost a kind of joke, I started The Buzzsaw Hour -- an hour of high-speed punk and hardcore. In a few weeks, the show had received a regular Thursday night slot.

In a way, I was a likely candidate to host such a show. I was the lead vocalist and principal songwriter for The Malls (1979-1981) -- a Fayetteville band that many people ... (More)
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