Basil forms
Chris Wilson, Chris Foze, Doug Deluca, Stan Cantrell, and Dan form Basil. In 1995, Doug, Dan, and Chris Foze leave, and Matt Werth and Clay Simmons join.
Clay Simmons // After only seeing Basil once time, I was determined to find a way to join the band. I had already become kind of smitten with Chris Wilson's drumming, but the whole band was amazing to me at the time. Doug Deluca was some kind of 14 year old guitar wizard who used alternate tunings and Stan provided the perfect complement to it. I hadn't heard anything like them coming out of Arkansas and they were from Hot Springs no less! As soon as I heard they were having issues with their bass player, I must've started being really annoying dropping hints to Chris whenever I'd see him at shows because eventually I got a call asking me if I'd take over on bass. We played a couple of shows with Chris Foze and Stan (see pic of me wearing the Still Life T-shirt that is about to swallow me whole), but eventually they stopped coming to practice and, somehow, Matt Werth started showing up. We'd get out of school in Little Rock and drive an hour down to Hot Springs to practice at Doug's parents' house. Matt somehow got around to booking us a little week-long mini tour through the ... (More)
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