Soophie Nun Squad European tour
Soophie Nun Squad tours Europe during the summer of 2006, the third European tour for the band, along with nine US tours
Kourtney Gavin // dan pastrana(providence breed) and i were barcelona, espana the same week that soophie was playing in the basque area in a very small town called gorlez. when dan and i planned our trip we knew we would try and make the show, soophie did not know we would try and make the show.

we came up with idea to trick soophie by dressing dan up in a get-up that was highly riduculous and pimped out, dan had recently shaved a mustache too, so he was unrecognizable in the european night, dan kept going up to the soophie members, trying to sell them drugs in spanish. dan is ecuadorian/columbian and speaks spain spanish well and picked up bits of basque on our way to the show. we really thought that every one would catch on catch on very quickly, but when you are away from home and halfway around the world, you don't really look for the familiar faces anymore, especially in this small mountainous town. so soophie was therefore, suckered, by little dan p., the sweetest guy anyone should be lucky enough to meet.

i do believe eli got accosted first and first figured it out and played along. dan pretended as ... (More)
Tim Scott // This "mate" is Kira Hammond, one third of Orange Core - a group from the Bay Area (of which I am also a 3rd) that plays improvised and bass heavy electronica. OC formed last year in the Bay Area. On the last 10 days of our tour, OC played with us. Twas an interesting mix of music and modes of performance. Exhausting.
Albert Lai // Just a little something found online:

Two days before the show we had asked our mate who happened to be coming into town to jump up on the video ting, since we know her from San Fran. However, for the past month she'd been on the road with the in-sane-tabulous Soophie Nun Squad

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